Mallorca - Islas Baleares

Balearic Islands, a trip to remember

Ever-welcoming to travellers yet simultaneously covetous of their identity, the Balearics are islands to inhabit and enjoy in all seasons. Fringed by the most beautiful coves and beaches of the Mediterranean, these islands pioneered the social phenomenon that tourism has become today, o1ering a wealth of experience as a holiday destination, and considered a world reference in
the industry. The Balearic Islands welcome in the XXI century claiming three basic elements to sustain and attract travellers: the undisputable beauty of its coast and landscape, its accessibility, located only two and a half hours from the main European cities, and the quality of life they offer to those who choose these islands. The Balearics are synonymous with diversity in what they offer to visitors, together with experience in excellence of service, because the leisure industry here has been in operation for over half a century and the islands guarantee that all expectations are met, coupled with excellent value for money.

We know that the best promotion for a destination is client satisfaction. “The best journey –said Marcel Proust- is that which stays in the memory”. To enjoy something and then talk about it is essential if a tourist destination wishes to be successful and most probably the best proof lies in a desire to return. These islands register a repeat clientele of almost 75%, practically
unique for a holiday destination. Many regular visitors become seasonal or permanent residents on the islands which is a sure symbol of success. Tourists have also become more knowledgeable, more expert, more demanding, and with di1erent desires. They also have new tools such as Internet and low cost airlines. Such new challenges must be welcomed as new opportunities. Destinations must learn how to respond to these expectations and Mallorca has undoubtedly demonstrated that it can. European health services, suitable infrastructure, and on-going improvements, climate, protected natural areas, golf, sports, water activities, tourism in the countryside and respect for tradition.


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