Playa de las Catedrales

Driving route for the 12 best beaches in the North

If you are thinking about having a holiday in Spain, but you’d like to get away from the scorching heat, and try something different from the famous but crowded Mediterranean beaches, then this article is for you. We’re going to show you what to see and do in the north of Spain, a largely undiscovered region for summer holidays. Moderate temperatures, dream beaches and incredible landscapes are some of the attractions that await you. What’s more, it is now so easy to take a road trip in the North if you hire a car with OK Rent a Car. We have offices in San Sebastián, Santander, Asturias, A Coruña and Santiago de Compostela!

Basque Country: La Concha beach

It is impossible to make a list of the best of northern Spain without kicking it off with La Concha beach. Rated by Travel and Leisure magazine as the best urban beach in the world, its beautiful surroundings let you enjoy a refreshing dip at the same time as taking in views of the stunning Basque landscape. You can also go to Santa Clara island in the middle of the bay. Although you may be affected by the ups and downs of the tide, the island has a pretty little beach with a whole range of services.

Playa de la Concha

Galicia: Las Catedrales beach

One of nature’s masterpieces that has formed over centuries by the constant action of the elements. This beach, located in Lugo, is one of the most photographed in Galicia. And for good reason, as the rock formations you can admire there are so stunning they almost look man-made. When you visit, you can understand why it was given the name ‘Cathedrals beach’: some of the rock formations are shaped like enormous stylised arches that evoke the majesty of Gothic architecture.

Playa de las Catedrales

Asturias: El Silencio beach

Simply the name of this pretty Asturian beach, ‘Silence’, is an invitation to those who want to enjoy a remote and secluded corner. Indeed, this beach is not developed for tourism, so you can sunbathe and swim without any beach bars or restaurants in view. It isn’t on a deserted island, but considering the feeling of relaxation this beach can produce, what more do you need?

Playa del Silencio

Cantabria: Oyambre beach

This beach, in the Oyambre Natural Park close to Comillas, is almost 2 kilometres long and offers unbeatable views of the lovely Cantabrian landscape.

Playa de Oyambre

Galicia: Rodas beach

Galicia is represented twice on this list and for good reason: this beach was named as the best in the world by the newspaper The Guardian. Its turquoise waters and white sand make it feel like you’re on a Caribbean beach. The temperature of the water isn’t quite like in the Caribbean, but its beauty and untouched charm mean it is still well worth a visit.

Playa de Rodas

Asturias: the Llanes beaches

The district of Llanes boasts more than 30 beaches, each prettier than the last. Their sand is fine and white, the cliffs are striking… and so much more. Some of the most notable beaches are Toró, Torimbia and Puertu Chicu but, as we mentioned before, each one has something special to offer. You can turn the dream of getting to know all of them into reality with the help of our car hire office in Asturias.

Playa de Llanes

Basque Country: Lekeitio beach

A beautiful seaside beach in the charming little Basque town of Lekeitio. If you’re looking for the perfect combination of culture and nature, this is a great option. Visiting Lekeitio beach is a fine opportunity to experience the Basque Country’s rural charm at the same time as enjoying a good swim.

Playa de Lekeitio

Asturias: Locos beach

Despite its name, which means ‘Madmen’s beach’, there is nothing crazy about wanting to visit this beach. Its views and waters are stunning, making it the perfect place to spend a pleasant while, relaxing and swimming in a secluded spot. And if surfing is your thing, you may already know that this beach is very popular among fans of the sport.

Playa de los Locos

Cantabria: Berria beach

More than 2 kilometres of fine white sand located in the Santoña district. Like any good northern beach, it offers stupendous views of green countryside.

Playa de Berria

Asturias: Rodiles beach

Don’t mix it up with Rodas beach in Galicia! Rodiles is one of the Asturian coast’s finest beaches. There, you can relax in front of the Cantabrian sea, flanked by eucalyptus-covered hills. What more could you ask for?

Playa de Rodiles

Cantabria: Arnía beach

This beach is close to Santander, where you can base yourself and hire a car from our OK Rent a Car office in the capital of Cantabria. The best thing about this beach is its rock formations which extend into the water and create fascinating and unexpected shapes. And, of course, the green landscapes that surround it all. In short, it’s a dream location.

Playa de la Arnía

Galicia: Carnota beach

It is positioned very close to A Coruña, so it’s really easy go there on a short break using one of the cars from the city’s OK Rent a Car office. The journey is short but the reward is immense. The beach, at almost 7 km long, is considered the longest in Galicia and its conservation status is outstanding. A few years ago it was chosen as one of the 100 best beaches in the world by the German magazine Traum Strände. So, why not give it a try?

Playa de Carnota

Photos: Ayuntamiento de Lekeitio,,,, pixabay, Playa de Rodas por Mario Sánchez Prada (Flickr)

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