Mallorca, a dream island

The name conjures up a sun-kissed isle. A dream island inviting you to enjoy its fine sandy beaches, its turquoise waters, the green and ochre landscape, stone-clad villages, its gastronomic wealth, and its history influenced by a mix of civilizations. This Mediterranean island has something mysterious, enchanting and intangible that impregnates the senses once you visit it. Perhaps this is why Mallorca is such a dream. It recognizes its beauty but humbly acknowledges that time shapes and molds everything. It welcomes all who visit but carefully guards hidden spots for those who wish to delve deep into its heart with calm and patience. This island knows how to give to everyone just what they are looking for.

Mallorca extends across 3.640 square kilometers of land is a wonder that emerged from the sea. From the abrupt and craggy northern side, spanned by the Tramuntana mountain range, with the 1.445 metre Puig Major majestically rising as its highest peak, to the contrasting flat, smooth south transformed into white sand as the land submerges beneath transparent blue water, Mallorca represents diversity in its natural landscape, its people and its culture.

The island has a warm climate and the sun its best ally, shining over 300 days of the year, with an average of over five hours in winter and ten in summer. These 2.400 hours of sun per year keep the sea at a temperature that ranges between 11 º in the cooler months and 26 in summer.

The island has five prominent geographical areas, each with an individual personality but all sharing attractive, enticing attributes: Tramuntana, diagonally cuts across the northern line running from Andratx to Formentor. Here are mountain villages such as Valldemossa, Deià, Banyalbufar and Sóller. In the foothills, before the flat lands, stands Es Raiguer, formed of eleven municipalities which today still present the same charmand character of yesteryear. Then, the plain (es Pla), an area of ancient farmland where the traditional architecture seen in the large homes or ‘possessions” survive to this day. The Migjorn, or south, is wrapped in an ochre shade of sandy soil and possesses some of the island’s most beautiful beaches. Along the northeastern side, stands the Llevant, offering a landscape that is a play on the imagination, including mountain, plain and beach.

Mallorca, a land once desired by an array of the most diverse civilizations, is today visited by over seven million people each year, and every one of them is made welcome. Over 300.000 beds in a wide range of accommodation categories, with restaurants, cafeterias, leisure centres, shops, cinemas… This island does not disappoint and always have something to offer. Whether a visitor wants to relax on the beach and unwind, experience nature with its flora and fauna, or is looking perhaps for more knowledge about its history and art –satisfaction is guaranteed.


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