Rent your car with OK in our Menorca offices and discover this exceptional island at your own pace. You can find us in Maó. Menorca is home to genuine natural treasures in the form of remote unspoiled coves, calm turquoise waters and megalithic Bronze-age constructions. The island was declared a Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO in 1993. Its main tourist attractions include the medieval layout of the old district of Ciutadella, Monte Toro reaching 358m in height, Fort Marlborough and La Mola fortress.

The beaches that are most highly rated by visitors are Cala Macarella and its neighbouring Cala Macallereta, in addition to Cala Pregonda and Cala Turqueta. Menorcan food is essentially fish and seafood-based. The star dish is lobster stew, although we cannot forget delicious sausages such as camot and carnixua, and the famous Mahón cheese, with designation of origin. Due to past English domination, one of the typical drinks is gin, and it has its own distillery in the centre of Maó.

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