Rent your vehicle with OK Rent a Car and travel through one of the main wine tourism destinations of Spain, with five wine-making Designations of Origin in the region. Valladolid is capital of Castile and Leon. The city wins over visitors with its heritage: countless charming monuments, museums and parks, located on the banks of River Pisuerga. To get to know the city you have to go along Calle Santiago and the porticoes of Calle Cebadería, visit the Plaza Mayor or Valladolid Cathedral, relax in the Campo Grande park and lose yourself among the countless tapas bars that make the city a first-rate gastronomic destination.

We should not forget the traditional dishes such as roast suckling pig, garlic and Castellana soups (with bread, eggs and meat broth) and the game dishes. The surrounding areas of Valladolid offer visitors the greatest natural diversity in Europe with more than forty protected natural spaces and the best Atlantic woodland in Spain, in addition to myriad itineraries that link the regional capital to interesting destinations such as Salamanca, Avila, Segovia, Burgos or Leon.

Carretera Adanero (Gijón), 47620-Villanubla, Valladolid
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